The Stella Alpina is held over three exciting days behind the wheel, driving along some of the most picturesque itineraries in the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The race will actually get off to a start after on Friday afternoon, when the crews will race against one another as they drive out of Trento and follow the route to gorgeous Dolomites.

On Saturday, the race will have a spectacular backdrop as the crews drive along some of the most stunning roads in the Dolomites and crossing seven Alpine passes.

On Sunday, the crews will drive through breathtaking landscapes to Trento, for the lunch and the awards ceremony.

These are the ingredients for what will undoubtedly be a very special rally, handled with care by Scuderia Trentina with the support of the Canossa Events Team.

The Race

The Stella Alpina is a “classic regularity” rally, covering a route of about 500 km, including both timed trials, and average speed trials. Tough driving, where the timing is down to hundredths of a second, but without over-challenging routes to respect older vehicles that can be tricky to manoeuvre and accommodate those competing with a trusty old mechanical chronometer.

Documents required: both driver and navigator must produce their driving licence. Italian crews must present their regularity sports licence issued by ACI, their ACI membership card, and a current doctor’s certificate showing they are fit to take part in non-competitor sports.

Cars from abroad must present their international FIA sports license or a temporary licence, if requested.

Time measuring devices: participating crews may use chronometers with no restriction.

We accept a maximum of 80 cars built prior to 1991. The Stella Alpina Trophy is reserved to cars built no later than December 31st, 1971

Vehicles entered by foreign crews who haven’t got a historical document (such as a FIVA passport) may be admitted signing a statement of conformity to sports regulations.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to admit or refuse any vehicle. In case of refusal, the vehicle in question may be replaced with another or the application fee will be refunded in full.

Coefficients: reassessment coefficients will be used to draw up the rankings, namely 1 for the build year of the vehicle.

 Homage to the Prancing Horse

After last years’ success, a Ranking will be drawn up for modern Ferrari vehicles in honour of the Prancing Horse; these vehicles will compete along the same route and same timed trials.


Taking part in the Stella Alpina is also about relaxing and being finally able to focus on enjoying your driving: we’ll take care of all the rest!

The following services are included in the entry fee:

  • Luggage service: there is often too little space for luggage in classic cars and so the organisers will transport your luggage for you during the rally, should you require
  • Guaranteed shuttle service, based on the programme, so all participants can get around without difficulty whilst their classic car is safely parked up
  • Assistance: the organisers provide roadside assistance along the route, with a car providing “prompt assistance” with a car mechanic onboard to help, as well as a tow truck following on.
  • Times: trial results will be published online as soon as they become available